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[seul-edu] SIF and EduML revisited

Odile Bénassy wrote in a previous thread:

> And besides, never forget one thing : conversion between one XML format
> and one other are easy, so even if you would be forced to switch to SIF
> in the future, you could still use your EduML applications...

I was thinking about this last night, and came up with this:

It seems that SIF's XML system is designed more for _network_ data
transmission (changes and updates are communicated over the network in
XML snippets), independent of the actual data file format each
application uses, which may actually be a closed spec.  The only
requirement is that an "agent" is available to handle the XML queries
from the network.

EduML seems to be more suited to a _data_ file format, so that
educational applications based on it could have direct access to the
same stored data.

Now, I'm no expert in either system, so perhaps I'm completely wrong,
but I'm thinking that there's no reason SIF and EduML can't coexist,
even in the same application...?