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Re: [seul-edu] Linux Journal Article?

Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY wrote:
> Would it make sense to try to publish something in Linux
> Journal, or even one of the new Linux Magazines I
> recently saw.  I don't have anything against lots of
> people working on Linux in Education, but I think if the
> effort is focused into a few groups we could make more
> progress more quickly.
> Just an idea.  Of course I don't know what we could
> say.
I'm of two minds about all these new sites too.  On one hand, it's nice
to see more and more people noticing the need for Linux and OSS in
education.  It validates our views from the past 15 months.  On the
other hand, having many new sites all trying to do essentially the same
thing may spread the available resources so thinly that little
substantial gets done.  I'd like to suggest that each of these new sites
picks an aspect of the problem (it's large enough that that shouldn't be
difficult) and focus on that, while cooperating and communicating with
all the other Linux in education projects.  We've been fairly successful
so far in accomplishing that, but I think that if I as the perceived
leader of SEUL/edu were to call for that it would be seen as telling
others to back off, this is our turf.  That wouldn't be helpful, as it
would probably just end whatever cooperation we might already have.  If
someone else (preferrably someone associated with other groups besides
SEUL/edu) wants to write such an article, I think it would have a better
chance of being well-received.  Along those lines, we could say that
SEUL/edu is trying to be a "crossroads" for other Linux in education
projects, where they can talk to each other about what they're doing and
what they'd like to do; and we could say that SEUL/edu is supporting the
development of programs and documentation to make it easier to use Linux
in scholastic environments.

Does anyone want to take on this task?  Randy, this might be something
for the advocacy task group to work on.

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