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[seul-edu] [Fwd: Skill Literature]

hack@altavista.net wrote:
> Since you're the leader of the SEUL/edu group... I would like to know what changes should be made on Skill Literature (http://gtkgo.netpedia.net/index4.html) to make it better suitable for the simple end user (this because I will stop with the development at version 0.0.3). I already planed to add a dustbin to make it possible to throw away useless pipes. Do you have any other good ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
> Norbert de Jonge
Folks, Norbert has asked for our suggestions.  Please give Skill
Literature a try, and come up with suggestions for changes you'd like to
see.  And since he plans to stop development with v.0.0.3, if any of you
would be interested in taking on its development please contact him and
see what can be arranged.  Besides Skill Literature, Norbert has Math
Literature, both parts of his Logical Literature (lolit) concept.  I
don't know if the development cessation plan extends to Math Literature
too; could you let us know, Norbert?

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