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Re: [seul-edu] links

Chris Ellec wrote:
> I went through the archives (from the tar file that was created a few days
> ago) and came up with the following:
> http://www.linuxforkids.com/seul/seul_links.html
> This is the first cut. the HTML is pretty ugly, and some of the links might
> not work. I only looked at the header of messages, sinc I dindn't want to
> read a few thousands messages ..., so I might have missed some that were in
> unrelated threads.
Thanks, Chris.  I'll try to check this against the list I sent off to
the Freshmeat folks, as I'm sure I missed a few too.  I think we'll stay
with the links into the Freshmeat database, as that eases our need to
keep a separate list current.

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