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Re: [seul-edu] pick a logo for seul!!

Doug Loss wrote:

> On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, "Collette K. McNeill" wrote:
> > Several draft versions of logos for SEUL.org and its subsets /edu and
> /pub are
> > located on http://www.mlwebworks.com/seul
> >
> I also like #6.  The Chinese character for "tree" works nicely for SEUL, I
> think, while the apple and the scroll will do for edu and pub.  The common
> typeface pulls them all together.  I agree with Roger that having the
> option of doing small versions of the logo without the small-point "Simple
> End User Linux" is important.

We'll make several versions for difft uses...at a convention, you'll want people
to see what you're about without having to ask so I added the spelled-out name.

> Whatever logo we eventually choose needn't necessarily use the exact colors
> on the current website, but it should surely not clash with them either.
> Roger, should the logo specify "SEUL.org", or just "SEUL"?

Sorry for an unsolicited opinion: One reason to have the logo read SEUL.org is
that people will remember the address of your website and how people will read
more about you (without having to ask).  Also, dot-com company names (in this
case, dot-org) are all the rage.

> The scroll
> around pub partially overlays the letter "p".  If the scroll were in a
> different color (even a different tone of grey) it might work better.

I planned to convert the scroll in SEUL/pub to a brown or grey outline (like the