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Re: [seul-edu] pick a logo for seul!!

On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, "Collette K. McNeill" wrote:

> Several draft versions of logos for SEUL.org and its subsets /edu and
/pub are
> located on http://www.mlwebworks.com/seul
I also like #6.  The Chinese character for "tree" works nicely for SEUL, I
think, while the apple and the scroll will do for edu and pub.  The common
typeface pulls them all together.  I agree with Roger that having the
option of doing small versions of the logo without the small-point "Simple
End User Linux" is important.

Whatever logo we eventually choose needn't necessarily use the exact colors
on the current website, but it should surely not clash with them either. 
Roger, should the logo specify "SEUL.org", or just "SEUL"?  The scroll
around pub partially overlays the letter "p".  If the scroll were in a
different color (even a different tone of grey) it might work better.  Take
a look at the mailing list archive page <http://www.seul.org/archives/> to
see what other SEUL sub-groups should be considered.  Additionally, there
has been occasional talk about eventually forming two other groups,
SEUL/games and SEUL/sci (for science).  Should those groups get formed we
should be prepared to do logos for them too.

I'm very happy with what you've come up with, Collette.  I don't know if we
can get this ready in time for a banner for LinuxWorld (I hope so), but I'm
sure we'll use this later!

Let's have more votes, folks.  Take a look and make a pick.

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