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Re: [seul-edu] pick a logo for seul!!

I love the one with the apple.  And I've always like Tux with the
blackboard.  At least in the US, the apple has an immediate connection
with education, as does the green 'blackboard' and pointer stick.

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On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Collette K. McNeill wrote:

> At long last,
> Several draft versions of logos for SEUL.org and its subsets /edu and /pub are
> located on http://www.mlwebworks.com/seul
> Please review and vote on a design to take to completion.  The logo will be used
> on a banner for use at conventions, and possibly used on the SEUL.org website.
> Once a specific design or set of designs is chosen, the final design can be
> turned around in 48 hrs.
> Thanks,
> Collette McNeill
> collette@mlwebworks.com