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[seul-edu] New member of the seul-edu ML


My name is Thomas Tempe (Thomas Tempé, for those who can read accents).
I am a french student who started an ambitious educational project.
The project is called Pangee (again, Pangée). It starts as a mandatory school project, by a group of 3 students, ending in may. But we exptect to take it much further, in order to build a complete, production system.

Pangee consists in a universal language-learning engine. This means that you can feed it courses in any language, to learn any other language, and it will store them and hand them out as needed. It is built as an exchange platform, meaning that it allows for easy contribution from anyone of small pieces of resources: here an exercise, here a cultural note, here a translation into yet another language of a grammar point.

Pangee is architectured aroud a 2-level client-server system. A graphical user interface client displays resources as fits (il merely prints grammar points, but can correct mistakes as you answer a multiple-choice exercise.) The server will run on a unix machine. Its goals include handling the complexity of the representation of data from the client, and managing users and rights. It stores and retrieves resources on a database server (probably MySQL).

The project is in a late conception stage. This means that no code has been written yet, but we have a pretty good idea of what the final project will look like.
However, it is being developped in france by french-speaking students for evaluation by french teachers... which means that most of the documentation is in french. I am currently in the process of translating a global non-technical description of the project, which should be completed in 24 hours; but I do not plan on doing much more translation work for now, unless there is a strong demand for it.

We don't quite need any hosting from SEUL, as we have pleinty of it for now (I could even offer hosting to other projects if needed). But I think that contributing to this mailing-list can only be a good thing.

The project is hosted at http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~ttempe
We would greatly appreciate review, and (technical) proof-reading (mostly by people who understand french, as the critical parts are not translated into english ;)

That's it for today,

Have lots of fun,

Thomas Tempé. == johnix@thibs.resj.insa-lyon.fr
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                -- R. S. Barton