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Re: [seul-edu] New member of the seul-edu ML

On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Thomas Temp? wrote:

> My name is Thomas Tempe (Thomas Tempé, for those who can read accents).
> I am a french student who started an ambitious educational project.
> The project is called Pangee (again, Pangée). It starts as a mandatory
school project, by a group of 3 students, ending in may. But we exptect to
take it much further, in order to build a complete, production system.
> We don't quite need any hosting from SEUL, as we have pleinty of it for
now (I could even offer hosting to other projects if needed). But I think
that contributing to this mailing-list can only be a good thing.
> The project is hosted at http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~ttempe
> We would greatly appreciate review, and (technical) proof-reading (mostly
by people who understand french, as the critical parts are not translated
into english ;)
Welcome, Thomas!  We have a number of French members of SEUL/edu; I'm sure
some of them will be happy to help you or to find others who will.  We also
have some efforts toward similar goals, such as LingoTeach and Qvocab. 
Perhaps you could look at those efforts, and Reto and Joe can take a look
at Pangee (sorry, I can't easily type the accents from this keyboard). 
Reto also manages a taskgroup for us that is specifically for language
software, langtg.  To subscribe to the langtg mailing list, just send a
message to majordomo@seul.org with "subscribe langtg" as the message body.

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