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Re: [seul-edu] New member of the seul-edu ML

Answer to chris' post.

Wow, what a heavy/quick/interesting response from you all! Thanks a lot.

I must say, I had never heard about QVocab, Lingo Teach, or Zope before.

I had a look on the Seul website. There is a description for QVocab. It's not what I'm looking for now, although it might be a good idea to implement a way of sharing dictionary files at a later time.
I found nothing about Lingo Teach or Zope. Can anyone point me to those projects?
Regarding EduML: I had overheared that it was aimed at handling students databases/records, not educational content. So I just stopped investigating. Am I wrong?
regarding the idea of using an HTTP server or even a web client, so we can focus on the interface/database: if I had my hands free of these absurd and frustrating and deeply useless constrains on the technological choices, I would have investigated the field of developping extensions for Amaya (the W3C's experimental XML browser), using a jigsaw http server (the W3C's experimental XML HTTP server,). The server would have come down to a few CGI scripts...

But I do not have that freedom. They said "You MUST use Delphi(c) under Windows(tm) and a SQL database. And I am very lucky/grateful to be able to avoid Access and build a Linux server...

Moreover, I did _not_ study the faisability of XML/HTTP. Maybe it's not such a great solution, after all? (does anybody have a ready-made answer?)

Regarding programming languages: we _have_ to use Borland Delphy(c) for at least part of the project. That will be the client GUI. The client is kept simple, for easier porting. Uh... I meant re-writing. Delphi w/ Win32 GUI is not portable.
For the server, I was thinking about C or C++. It's the one most adapted language among those I know (I don't know Java). The other person working with me on the server wanted to do Pascal, so we might end up with C and GNU Pascal.

About the website: now exactly 24 hours later, the translation of the english ontroduction to the project is over (whooh.. it's getting late!). I also fixed the problem with the changelog link.

Well, and I might try to get to sleep soon ;)

Thanks a lot again for your feedback,

Thomas Tempe