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Re: [seul-edu] tutor-web -- quizzes and grades

Gunnar Stefansson wrote:

> > My first thought is that there are already projects out there working
> > towards this sort of thing. None of them has quite the focus or intent
> I'm sure there are - would love to study a few.  Nature magazine had
> an edititorial a few months ago focussed on the "Grid" but also
> mentioned quite a few interesting web methodologies of somewhat
> related nature.

I'm not sure how many of these are doing quite what you're planning, but take a
look at AUC <http://auc.sorceforge.net>, LearnLoop <http://www.learnloop.org>,
Shadow netWorkspace <http://sns.internetschools.org/>, CyberCenter Online Classroom
<>, ClassWeb <http://classweb.ucla.edu/>, and Harvey

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