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Re: [seul-edu] tutor-web -- quizzes and grades

Gunnar Stefansson wrote:

> > I'm not sure how many of these are doing quite what you're planning, but take a
> > look at AUC <http://auc.sorceforge.net>, LearnLoop <http://www.learnloop.org>,
> > Shadow netWorkspace <http://sns.internetschools.org/>, CyberCenter Online Classroom
> > <>, ClassWeb <http://classweb.ucla.edu/>, and Harvey
> > <http://everyschool.org/harvey/>.
> Thanks - some of these are very interesting.  I can't seem to find AUC
> - is there a typo in the above?

Of course there is!  Surely you don't expect me to actually check what I type for
correctness? :-)  Sorry about that.  The proper link is of course

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