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[seul-edu] [Fwd: FAQ]

I have been horribly remiss about forwarding this message to the mailing
list.  Odile has done a nice bit of work on making a form for us to submit
entries to a SEUL/edu FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list.  It's not
officially on our website yet, but we can try it out and see how it works
and if there are any refinements needed.  Odile, please forgive me for
taking so long to sent this to the mailing list.

Odile Bénassy wrote:

> Now it's working :
>         http://cran.seul.org/~ob/add_qa.html
> You should :
> - make a test yourself (Behave yourself : I'll get an email !!)
> - ask webmins what I should do / what they want to do / for the display
> and colors (for example, use seul_edu style sheet)
> - move the page onto any location you please, and change the form
> processing address if you like ( I gave an absolute path so it should be
> working anyway )
> - tell everybody you know to go there and add QAs
> - be critical, report bugs, errors, problems
> I will :
> - tell everybody I know (from SEUL/edu of course), just like you
> - get emails from myself (= from cran server), read them, make decisions
> about what subject it is about (hardware, networking, apps, ... )
> - insert stuff into XML page (cut + paste)
> - build FAQ page ( Python script, just like TINY's FAQ )
> - tell you about it once I have a page for real
> So long,
> --
> PS : why not a world map with countries where we have "penfriends" and a
> small text for each one ??
> --
> Odile Bénassy
> http://libresoftware.educ.free.fr/

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