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Re: [seul-edu] [Fwd: possible to donate linux pcs?]

Well, I can most certainly think of a few places, some even academic ;)

Peter Salzman from the Linux User Group of Davis (which I helped
co-found some time ago) [www.lugod.org] might have a place where one or
some machines acn be used.  I already had donated a VA machine (in VAs
name) to work on a project with one of the local high-schools.  It is
currently in use as a server and build environment for upper classmen
who want to learn serious coding.

There is Barnstable High School in Massachusetts, who have a mini LUG
(about 12 hobbyist-students) who have been working at using Linux as
much as possible in the school, and even have ambitions of building a 4
node 486 cluster, just as a proof of concept...they just lack the 486
machines ;)

There is the linux.hu (at one of the Universities in the capitol) that
needs hw.  They are the backbone for Hungary, and very underpowered.

If anyone wants the contact info, I will happily pass it along, as well
as mention some other opportunities to help.


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     I'm forwarding this to the list because I think that some of you
will be
     better contacts for this.  Emilio Milian, you might want to contact
     fellow very quickly.  Ray, do you know of anyone else locally who
could use
     these?  Z, although they're not VA systems (probably) do you know
of anyone he
     might funnel these systems to?

     Jonathan Mergy wrote:

     > I am the Director of Computer Ops for a company in the San
Francisco Bay
     > Area and I have a bunch of good computers that I have burned with
RH6.0 to
     > give away to education institutions.
     > Do you know of anyone who would benefit from these donations?
They are
     > decent machines (32-64 megs of RAM , 2-4 gig drives, network
cards, etc).
     > If there is a project that could use them, that would be great
     > Please let me know, thank you for your time. I would just hate to
have to
     > give them to a school who would just format them with Windows and
     > contribute to the problem.
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