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[seul-edu] Linux community support for education

As most of you know, I write fortnightly reports on Linux in
education.  My next report is due on Monday, and I have very little
to write about.  For that reason I'm trying to "prime the pump" and
generate some interesting and useful discussion.  If you can think
of any questions you'd like to ask the list, now is the time.

Here's my question.  We've talked before about how the Linux
community can get involved in education through advocacy and support
of local schools.  That was useful information for those of us who
are primarily Linux techies but not educators.  What I'd like to
find out is if any of us who are teachers or school administrators
have received or tried to enlist the help of local LUGs or other
Linux community resources in their efforts to use Linux in school.
If so, how successful were you?  If you were dissatisfied with the
help you received (if any), why and in what way was it lacking?  If
you haven't tried to locate and avail yourself of local Linux
resources, why not?  Is there anything the Linux community can or
should do to help you in your efforts?

I'll be on a panel dealing with Linux use in education at the
LinuxWorld Expo in New York City in a few weeks, and your responses
will very likely become part of what I say to the attendees.  Here's
your chance to speak to the community!

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