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Re: [seul-edu] Linux in Education presentation

     I've not attended any of your meetings at trilug yet, but one of our local
volunteers, Mark Biggers is or has been active in your LUG for quite a few
years. Since his relocation to the Western North Carolina mountains I've been
showing him what we are doing up here. I've been planning to attend one of your
meetings with him soon. I'll be glad to help you out anyway I can. I have
several contacts within the NC school system. There are systems in the state
and in your area already using linux but for some reason they are not very
vocal.  I have a rough presentation I presented at the NC technology

 Michael Williams
WAN Engineer/Technology Coordinator
Haywood County Schools

Chris Hedemark wrote:

> Hello,
> At my LUG meeting last night (TriLUG - http://www.trilug.org) a lot of
> members expressed interest in holding a meeting this summer and invite
> school board officials, faculty, teachers, etc. and offer a presentation on
> the state of Linux in education, as a precursor to us offering volunteer
> services to set up Linux in classrooms or wherever it is needed.
> Trouble is, nobody in our LUG has direct experience with this.  I'm sending
> out this email because I suppose I'm probably the most interested in this
> (but still not terribly well informed).  I have no school affiliation, no
> kids (yet) or anything but have just been keeping my ear to the ground for
> an opportunity to help out locally.  Also I figure I've not spoken in front
> of the LUG yet so maybe this is the right time.
> Has anyone else here done such a presentation that I might be able to build
> on?  Or perhaps there is a freely available presentation already in wide use
> that I can work from?
> Thanks!
> Chris Hedemark
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> understand the simplicity."
> Dennis Ritchie