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[seul-edu] Linux in Education presentation


At my LUG meeting last night (TriLUG - http://www.trilug.org) a lot of
members expressed interest in holding a meeting this summer and invite
school board officials, faculty, teachers, etc. and offer a presentation on
the state of Linux in education, as a precursor to us offering volunteer
services to set up Linux in classrooms or wherever it is needed.

Trouble is, nobody in our LUG has direct experience with this.  I'm sending
out this email because I suppose I'm probably the most interested in this
(but still not terribly well informed).  I have no school affiliation, no
kids (yet) or anything but have just been keeping my ear to the ground for
an opportunity to help out locally.  Also I figure I've not spoken in front
of the LUG yet so maybe this is the right time.

Has anyone else here done such a presentation that I might be able to build
on?  Or perhaps there is a freely available presentation already in wide use
that I can work from?


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