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[seul-edu] project Libre Software School Day

here in France the Libre Software School Days are getting closer... 
24-28 January, just followed by the LinuxExpo of 31 January, during 
which will take place a conference about Education.
10 demonstrations are beeing organized, in all France. I'm 
personnally very satisfied of this number.

The aim of this event was to inform newbies teachers of the state of 
the situation in libre (=free) softwares.

We would like also to :
- show what is happening in other linguistic areas. We tried it on 
- show to the non-french speaking what is happening in France. For 
that reason, we are looking for a translation (=call for help!) of 
page http://libresoftware-educ.org/fr/orgasparticipant.html#2 (only 
the projects, not the manifestations nor the partners). The site is 
beginning to be translated in english.

We are also praparing a database to list schools that use libre 
softwares, not something systematical but a big bunch of examples.

http://libresoftware-educ.org/ >> en

Greatings, Raphael
Journées Logiciels libres pour l'éducation : http://libresoftware-educ.org