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Re: [seul-edu] Linux community support for education

jeff williams wrote:

> Now I'm looking for a Linux guru in the Topeka, Kansas, area to help with a
> Linux demonstration project for the Kansas Surplus Properties organization.
> These people take the surplus government computers, (among other things) and
> offer them for sale at very reasonable prices ($250 complete) to school
> districts.  They desire to provide a turnkey Linux package.  Since my move to
> Wisconsin I have had little opportunity to help them on the project.

Jeff, can you tell us more about this?  This could be very useful for us to know
about and publicize when it's available.  Here's a page with info on LUGs in


I don't know Kansas well enough to know if any of these are near Topeka.  The one
listed _for_ Topeka appears to be defunct.

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