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[seul-edu] (FWD) Gary, Indiana LUG?

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From: "Jay Drew" <jdrew@lakeridge.k12.in.us>
To: <seul-edu@seul.org>
Subject: Gary, IN LUG?
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 09:28:33 -0600

I am Director of Technology for a very low income district near Gary,
Indiana. I am looking very seriously at moving towards LINUX to make more
technology available to our student in a variety of formats.

Does anyone know of or know how I can locate a LUG in my area? I'm mostly
looking for a "brain trust" that I can pick on to speed my learning curve
but would be very happy to recieve hands-on help as well.


Jay Drew

Jay M Drew                             6111 West Ridge Road
Director of Technology                 Gary, IN 46408
Lake Ridge Schools                     219-838-1819

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