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Re: [seul-edu] Linux community support for education

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, you wrote:
> jeff williams wrote:
> > Now I'm looking for a Linux guru in the Topeka, Kansas, area to help with a
> > Linux demonstration project for the Kansas Surplus Properties organization.
> > These people take the surplus government computers, (among other things) and
> > offer them for sale at very reasonable prices ($250 complete) to school
> > districts.  They desire to provide a turnkey Linux package.  Since my move to
> > Wisconsin I have had little opportunity to help them on the project.
> Jeff, can you tell us more about this?  This could be very useful for us to know
> about and publicize when it's available.  Here's a page with info on LUGs in
> Kansas:

Greetings members of the list,

So you don't think I am ignoring Doug's request, I have forwarded a paper which
I presented last summer concerning this project.  I've also given him
permission to use it as he sees fit.

If you are in Kansas (or, for that matter, willing to pay shipping), you might
want to contact Kansas State  Surplus Properties in Topeka.  If you speak to
the head man, that being Mr. Steve Magee, and mention your interest in obtaining
Linux systems from him, I believe you will be well served.

Kansas State Surplus Properties is part of Kansas Correctional Industries.  The
system integration work is done by, shall we say, "indentured labor."  Those
who have served their time and have been released have received very good job
skills which may help keep them out of future trouble.

If Doug releases the paper I sent him you will have a bit more information.

jeff williams - cfiaime@nconnect.net