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Re: [seul-edu] Re: New educational section in GNU

>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Vernier <vernier@vc.bc.ca> writes:

    Bruno> Here is my opinion (I have been firmly pro-GPL since 1993)

    Bruno> So I hope that people like Vladimir and Hilaire stay or
    Bruno> come back to the list.  It is not so much that we need to
    Bruno> build up our "side", but this list is a very honorable and
    Bruno> appropriate place in which to continue publishing reports
    Bruno> of our work and discuss issues/news about educational
    Bruno> programs and stuff in a GNU/linux environment.

Thanks for your opinion.

I  invited Hilaire  to come  back  (and I  sent your  posting), but  I
understood  he is  very busy  now  and hence  he cannot  join for  the

    Bruno> So as a pro-GPL "veteran", I want to honor Doug's work in
    Bruno> maintaining this list, I want to thank all the members who
    Bruno> write relevantly about linux and education and allow those
    Bruno> of us who are GPL-orthodox to feel at home here.

Again thank you.

  Vladimir Támara Patiño.
  Home Page: http://www.bigfoot.com/~vtamara
  GPG Key: http://euclides.uniandes.edu.co/~v-tamara/gpgkey.html