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Re: [seul-edu] Re: wiki proposal

Bruno Vernier wrote:

> One of my activities these days is to take the contents of a mailing list
> (about consortia in online education) and convert it quickly and efficiently
> into a wiki open-ended hopefully useful summary not just  for those entering
> the conversation late, but those who want a reminder of what territory has
> been covered already, what questions need more work etc...

Hi, Bruno.  It's good to hear from you again.  This sounds like something I've
been thinking about for SEUL/edu for a while.  One of our problems (from my
viewpoint) is that over the past 2+ years we've discussed many topics and often
have had some very valuable ideas.  These have tended to disappear into the
email archives, never to be seen again.  They're still there, but finding
individual messages is very difficult.

At the same time, going back through all the archives and culling out the ideas
that ought not to be lost is a daunting undertaking, so much so that no one's
done it yet.  The wiki you describe sounds like exactly the thing for keeping
these ideas available.  Is your work something that could (perhaps eventually)
be applied against our archives in addition to new messages coming into the
mailing list?

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