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[seul-edu] wiki and our software page

As I was driving through a snowstorm to work this morning, I
realized an application for a wiki that could be a great benefit to

When we originally set up SEUL/edu, we had a page listing
educational software.  Since it wasn't being maintained very
consistently (mea culpa), we converted it into links to Freshmeat's
education listings.  Unfortunately, this didn't get everything we
consider to be useful in education, since Freshmeat only categorizes
as "educational" programs that are specifically targetted at

Since then we've started our Linux in education reports and
identified numerous programs that we ought to list on such a page.
But pulling all them together onto a regular webpage has been an
undertaking none of has had the time or energy to do.

It seems to me that we should be able to easily set up a wiki page
for software and drop listings from the Linux in education reports
on it.  We can then categorize them by name, category, license, or
whatever way anyone wants to, simply by setting up a link for the
needed index and dropping the appropriate listings on it.  Best of
all, lots of people can help do this, so no one needs to take on the
task of doing it all him or herself.

I'm going to start this on the test wiki Bruno set up for us, to
demonstrate the possibility.  If it works as easily as I think it
will, this should be a strong indication that the collaborative
strengths of a wiki will be very useful to us.

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