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Re: [seul-edu] Perl for 9th graders

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, lp wrote:

>One of the local high school math teachers just sent
>me an (inspiring!) email that I thought I would pass along.
>A local high school math teacher wrote:
>> A student came to me yesterday and said he thinks he needs
>> to learn some Linux, especially Perl.

I'd recommended Python (+Numerical Python for Math) over Perl:
yes, Perl is only 2 times slower than C but Python
has clearer and elegant syntax - you need not
remember all that exceptions, odds and ends...
After I learned Python I am very lazy to
write in Perl but for one-line log-processing
scripts ;-)

>> What I can do right now:  Have him telnet to the file-server from one of the
>> student machines and  follow the Ohio State Unix tutorial, which I really
>> like. In the public directory we also have a number of other links to
>> tutorials on the web...
>> Do you have any recommended sites for learning Perl?

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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