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[seul-edu] Perl for 9th graders

One of the local high school math teachers just sent 
me an (inspiring!) email that I thought I would pass along. 

A local high school math teacher wrote:
> A student came to me yesterday and said he thinks he needs 
> to learn some Linux, especially Perl.
> What I can do right now:  Have him telnet to the file-server from one of the
> student machines and  follow the Ohio State Unix tutorial, which I really
> like. In the public directory we also have a number of other links to
> tutorials on the web...

> Do you have any recommended sites for learning Perl?

There are no programming classes at this high school.
I showed her the simple math perl scripts in the teachers
guide and sent her a link for CPAN. If anyone knows of any 
other sites suitable for 9th or 10th graders, I'd be 
glad to pass them on.

L. Prevett
Mathematics Instructor
Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, US