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[seul-edu] eduml-wiki and Yacas

Eduml-wikis can now do "inline" Yacas symbolic algebra

Solve ( x + 7 == 2 , x )

renders  "5"

Solve ( x + y == z , x)

renders  "z - y"

and in order to combine that with python, I've added a yacas() function that
takes yacas input and outputs yacas output.

I love open source;  Once I re-discovered Yacas, it took me all of 15
minutes to embed yacas into eduml-wiki

Yacas = Yet another computer algebra system

it is a symbolic algebra language that simplifies polynomials and fractions
and trig expressions, it solves linear and quadratic systems, uses the
Newton method to converge towards roots in other types of functions

it can also do elementary logic proofs

it can tell what type of numbers we are dealing with; complex, real,
rational, integer, even, odd etc...


see http://ess.vancouver.bc.ca/zope/bruno/eduml/Yacas