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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge announcement deadline

I can publicise rather well at LWE 2002 this year.  Also I can fully
include it in OSEF activites.  Let me know what I need to do to help...
I am rather busy with several projects (K12 hardware labs mostly right
now), but can pull some time away.


On Tue, 1 Jan 2002, Doug Loss wrote:

> I hope everyone had enjoyable holidays.  It's coming up on time for us to
> announce Schoolforge to the world.  I'd like to make this announcement in
> one week, on January 8.  That will require us to finish up our initial
> announcement press release, get our website in an acceptable form for the
> general public, put our "bylaws" in place (the membership requirements and
> responsibilities), and set up the communication methods we want to have
> initially available for people coming to us after the announcement.
> William Abernathy is currently working on the press release; I'm sure that
> will be ready by the 8th.  By the way, William is in the San Francisco area
> and is interested in finding some educational group or free software project
> out there that he can help out on.  I suspect he wouldn't be averse to
> employment leads for technical writers, either.
> Felipe Bergo, Les Richardson, Roger Dingledine, and David Bucknell are
> working on the website; I expect they'll  have it ready to go by the 8th.
> If for some reason they need more time, we could slip our announcement till
> the 15th, but no later.  And I really wouldn't like to see it slip that far,
> either.
> I'll work on massaging our membership discussions into an operating
> procedures document.  I don't think there'll be any problem having that done
> by the 8th.  I'll try to get it done quickly and post it for your perusal
> before then.
> We need to talk about what communications channels we want to have set up
> initially.  It's clear to me that we can't have the primary Schoolforge
> discussion list be seul-edu.  We need a mailing list like
> sf-general@schoolforge.net, or something similar.  The primary list can't be
> tied to a particular member project.  Even if we only set that one list up,
> that would probably suffice for the initial period.  However, mailing lists
> are easy to create.  Let's talk about what (small handfull) of lists we
> ought to have available at the initial unveiling of Schoolforge.  We should
> also talk about weblogs, wikis, newsgroups, etc. for this sort of thing, but
> in the short period left I think mailing lists are our best way to go.
> One more thing.  Everyone on this list--if you have any contacts with news
> media, whether Linux-related, education-related, or general mainstream,
> please assemble them.  If you can send email contacts to William Abernathy
> <william@inch.com> and me, that would be helpful.  Even more helpful would
> be if you could send them a copy of the press release (which William will
> post here before sending it off) yourself.  These things tend to get more
> consideration if coming from a known source.  They may get more notice also
> if they're received from multiple sources at the same time, so don't worry
> that someone else may send the press release to your contacts.  We'll try to
> put the press release into a nicely printable form (PDF?) too, so you can
> print out copies and snail-mail or fax them to people.  And one final
> request--does anyone know of any method that would allow us to fax the press
> release to numbers across the US (and the world, if possible) for little to
> no cost?  Such a thing would greatly increase the reach of our initial
> public announcement.
> Doug Loss
> dloss@seul.org

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