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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge announcement deadline

Harry McGregor wrote:

> I can publicise rather well at LWE 2002 this year.  Also I can fully
> include it in OSEF activites.  Let me know what I need to do to help...
> I am rather busy with several projects (K12 hardware labs mostly right
> now), but can pull some time away.

This is for everyone, not just Harry.  Gather the submission information for your
local news media (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.).  Pass them along to William and
me, but keep copies for yourself.  When our initial announcement is ready, send
copies of it to all those media.  If you're willing (_please_ be willing :-) ) to
be interviewed, indicate so on your submission.  Often having a local connection
to a press release or news story can make the difference between running it or not
running it.  With trepidation I'll volunteer to answer questions from home myself,
if your media contacts wish.  My home phone number is (570) 326-3987 in the US.
I'm in the Eastern time zone, which is -5 hours GMT.

If you have any contacts with educational media we especially want to hear from

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