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[seul-edu] Brief introduction of a new member

As I was invited to make a brief introduction on joining the group 'so we
can keep track of what resources we have available and who our audience is',
here we go.

I'm the ICT technician for a secondary school in the UK called Colchester
Royal Grammar School. Found this mailing list from a list of the top things
that happened in 2001 from Slashdot.

Currently the school is on an almost totally Windows based network (both the
administration network and the curriculum network).  However, we (myself and
two upper sixth student administrators) are very enthusiastic about using
Linux on the network, mainly because of it's cost (or more accurately lack
of cost), and the flexibility in configuration. As a result we have two
Linux machines in regular use one of which is used to provide access to the
Internet, as an HTTP proxy (using Squid) and general gateway. It serves its
purpose wonderfully, and does especially well seeing as it is the lowest
specified computer among the servers! Of course we're looking to expand more
beyond these initial uses - and some of the stuff on your site looks pretty
good from that point of view!

The other computer is a simply floppy based router using Freesco - once
again it's great because it's free, does the job, and works on older
hardware that would otherwise be useless.

That's a fairly brief introduction...

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