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Re: [seul-edu] High School Educational Programs

Christopher Hill wrote:

> > > Absolutely. Fortunately you can set this sort of stuff up fairly easily,
> > > although I have yet to see a Linux virus scanner...? Maybe I've just
> been
> > > looking in the wrong places.
> >
> > Go to
> >
> <http://freshmeat.net/search/?site=Freshmeat&q=virus+scanner&section=project
> s>.
> > That search found 19 projects.
> Most of those were email scanners - are there any resident scanners like
> Windows has? Or is that sort of thing not needed in the Linux world?

Generally unnessary.  Viruses are written to run on specific OSs.  So far we've
seen on Linux viruses in the wild.  At worst such a thing could screw up a
particular user's files, but not the whole system.  And since a floppy disk
would have to be mounted to be read, I'm sure the mount could be configured as
read-write only, without the execute flag being set.  As for macro virii, anyone
writing an app in Linux that made such things possible would be bitterly
humiliated in front of the world.  That's not anything to worry about.

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