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Re: [seul-edu] High School Educational Programs

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002 09:28, Christopher Hill wrote:
> Absolutely. Fortunately you can set this sort of stuff up fairly easily,
> although I have yet to see a Linux virus scanner...? Maybe I've just been
> looking in the wrong places.

I agree with the comments about it being much harder to make truly 
destructive viruses for Linux.  But there are some commercial virus software 
packages for Linux.

There is RAV AntiVirus Desktop for Linux.

See http://www.rav.ro/pages/products.php

They have various partner organisations around the world, so you can get 
'local' support in many places.
See http://www.rav.ro/pages/partners.php
(includes both a UK and US based distributor + several in Europe.)

Also, from Trend Micro:
although I think this is more a server based product.