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Re: [seul-edu] Beta draft of initial public announcement for Tuesday

>From: Harry McGregor <micros@azstarnet.com>

>On Sat, 5 Jan 2002, Doug Loss wrote:
>> William Abernathy wrote this for us with recommendations from David Bucknell
>> and me.  Read it and give us your opinions quickly, so we can revise it if
>> needed and let our translators work on it.  We'd like to have it available
>> and ready to go in all languages by Tuesday.
>> THE INTERNET, January 8, 2002 -- Schoolforge, a global coalition of online
>> groups dedicated to promoting open resources in education, announced its
>> formation today. The online project is located at
>> http://www.schoolforge.net.
>> In November of 2001, members of the online groups SEUL/edu
>> (http://www.seul.org/edu), Open Source Schools
>> (http://www.opensourceschools.org), and the K-12 Linux in Schools project
>> (http://www.k12os.org) decided to develop a central organization to provide
>I would like it if OSEF was included in this, www.osef.org
>I will also see what I can do to find a quote from Kim Grimes (Librarian
>at Corbett, who recived the ALA award this past year), about open
I'd love to have quotes from more than just me. That would be great. 
William, could you add the Open Source Education Foundation
(http://www.osef.org) to this list?

Doug Loss