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[seul-edu] Beta draft of initial public announcement for Tuesday

<<<<<<<<<<<<"For too long," says SEUL/edu leader and Schoolforge spokesman
Doug Loss,
many projects suffered from isolation and low visibility. Our lack of a
organization often meant that our efforts as educators and as
technologists were
wasted on duplicating each others' work, neither building on each others'
successes nor learning from each others' failures."

For the sake of number, make it "wasted on duplicating each other's work,
neither building on previous successes nor learning from failures."

I have written William and Doug separately with a request to change the

Latest Original:
Visitors to Schoolforge.net are invited to review our case study files
SEUL/edu, including successful free software deployments in schools from
Washington to New York City, from Zacatecas, Mexico, to Aldgate, South
Australia. In addition to these technological successes, Schoolforge
projects such as the Open Book Project (http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/) and
the new
OpenSchooling Project hope to empower educators to create a free,
standards-compliant curriculum for K-12 schools.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

to my suggestion, or something along these lines:
"Visitors to Schoolforge.net will find links to successful case studies
from around the world, how-to's, reviews and thoughtful essays directed at
new and experienced users and contributors alike
(http://opensourceschools.org), and they will find links to specific
projects dedicated to everything from free and open computer operating
systems to free computer science instructional texts, such as those from
the Open Book Project (http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/), and from free and
open software for any conceivable need a school might have
(http://richtech.ca/seul/) to model curricuala and content for courses of
any kind."

Schoolforge.net supporter
for http://www.opensourceschools.org
Schoolforge.net member