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[seul-edu] Schoolforge Web Page

I've been looking at the Schoolforge web page and I have some
questions, suggestions, comments.

---- Applications Index Links

Under the Applications Index section, I can't reach the ISETL,
isbn.pl, I Computer, or Hitchhiker links.

Just so the link goes somewhere when someone clicks on it from the
main page, should the links go to Les's application database rather than
the actual site (or should they be replaced?)

---- Free Software for Linux vs Free Software for Dos, etc.

Regarding ISETL, that math application is only for Macs, DOS, and Windows
and would require emulation software for Linux. I think free software that
requires emulation should be listed that way in order to avoid confusion.

Les, I put a remark to that effect in the wiki listing for ISETL,


with some updated info on the License (it's freeware)
but I couldn't figure out how to edit/change the info in the application

---- Graphic

The Schoolforge page takes 15 seconds to load on a slow dialup

I converted the Schoolforge graphic schoolforge.png (29698 bytes)
to schoolforge.jpg (10253 bytes) with the command

convert -density 72x72 schoolforge.png schoolforge.jpg

and tried it out on a test page just to see if it would make any
difference. The page loads in 6 seconds on our slow dialup. Not
much difference, but some.

Here's a link to the graphic if you think that '9 second difference'
would make any difference:


If you need to stay with the png format for whatever reason, then
I think 15 seconds is not so bad!

L. Prevett
Mathematics Instructor
Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, US