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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge Web Page

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Prevett, Larry wrote:

> ---- Graphic
> The Schoolforge page takes 15 seconds to load on a slow dialup
> connection.

Thanks for your comments. I am the one drawing the graphics and working on 
the site layout.

The front page will have much less text than the one currently up, only a 
side box with a section index and the goal statement (plus graphics banner 
on top and disclaimer line on bottom).

The OSS news and app index boxes are being moved to children pages.

As for the graphic: some of the people designing the site did not like
that logo (the boy), and so I have created another, which is 4 jigsaw
puzzle pieces forming the picture of a school, the 4th piece disconnected
with a penguin on it(*), which has been accepted (by the other designers)
for the time being. We can have a logo contest later, but we have no time
for such contest before the "official opening".

(*) I tried to pick another picture to mean "open source", the GNU was an
option, but Linux is the most known representant of the open source/free
software movement beyond the geek lines, I think Tux does it well. I hope 
the BSD people don't get offended.

The initial logo, which you compressed, was a 24-bit PNG image with
compression 6 (on a 1-9 scale). PNGs are heavily reduced when saved in
palette (indexed color) mode and with higher compression, usually beating
JPEG in both quality (no loss) and size. I'll try both (indexed,
optimized) PNG and JPEG before setting out the page for the masses.
However, I do try to keep it GIF-free if I can.

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* A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.