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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge Web Page

Hi Felipe,

> that logo (the boy), and so I have created another, which is 4 jigsaw
> puzzle pieces forming the picture of a school, the 4th piece disconnected
> with a penguin on it(*), which has been accepted (by the other designers)
> for the time being. 

I really like it. It looks great. Well done.

> The initial logo, which you compressed, was a 24-bit PNG image with
> compression 6 (on a 1-9 scale). PNGs are heavily reduced when saved in
> palette (indexed color) mode and with higher compression, usually beating
> JPEG in both quality (no loss) and size. I'll try both (indexed,
> optimized) PNG and JPEG before setting out the page for the masses.
> However, I do try to keep it GIF-free if I can.

PNG's are supposed to be the Gif replacement, although they don't have
great support from earler browsers, and even later browsers don't support
transparent PNG's. (until the latest.) However, I don't want Gif's

I think your approach on this is exactly right.