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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge Web Page

>From: "Prevett, Larry" <Prevettl@cochise.cc.az.us>

>I've been looking at the Schoolforge web page and I have some
>questions, suggestions, comments.
>---- Applications Index Links
Actually, the app index will be changed back to say SEUL/edu rather than
Schoolforge before Tuesday, since we're trying to keep all content as part
of the member projects rather than as part of Schoolforge itself.

>Under the Applications Index section, I can't reach the ISETL,
>isbn.pl, I Computer, or Hitchhiker links.
This brings up an interesting and important point.  When we first put these
entries in, all the links were active and valid.  As time goes by, this sort
of thing happens.  In fact, 3DPlanetarium has the same problem.  SEUL is in
the process of hosting that project, so we'll be able to get things fixed up
there, but in general we need a way to keep these listings up-to-date and
accurate.  One thought is to give the listed software author the ability to
edit the link for the application.  That would help, but in some cases the
author just walks away from the project and presumably wouldn't be
interested in updating our listing either.  I think we need a few people to
take on the task of testing the various links every week or two, and
reporting any updates that need to be made to the appropriate list
maintainer(s) (unfortunately, that's just me at the moment).  In addition,
we need to fill out the fields in each of the entries as much as we can. 
The entries that were brought over from the wiki listings are generally
missing a number of fields.

So, if you're looking for some way to take an active, useful role in the
Linux in education movement but don't have the time/skills/inclination to
develop software or documentation, consider signing on as a member of the
"SEUL/edu Application Index Quality Control Team."  I just made that up;
SAIQCT doesn't rool trippingly off the tongue, does it?  Anyway, it's
shomething that needs doing.

>Just so the link goes somewhere when someone clicks on it from the
>main page, should the links go to Les's application database rather than
>the actual site (or should they be replaced?)
I'm not following you here.  Which links are you talking about?  The current
Schoolforge page is just a place holder, and will change before Tuesday.  If
we retain a similar page (I'm not sure we will), I'd say that the links
should go to the database entry rather than to the actual site.

>---- Free Software for Linux vs Free Software for Dos, etc.
>Regarding ISETL, that math application is only for Macs, DOS, and Windows
>and would require emulation software for Linux. I think free software that
>requires emulation should be listed that way in order to avoid confusion.
Here's another project that would be useful:  Compiling a list of as many
Windows educational apps as we can find and test that work under WINE.  This
would be a separate list from the current App Index, as this would be
WINE-compatible Educational Applications Index.  Anyone interested in
starting this?  I'll volunteer Les to help set up a database for it :-). 
Seriously, this could be very useful in helping get Linux into school
heavily invested in Windows software.

>Les, I put a remark to that effect in the wiki listing for ISETL,
>with some updated info on the License (it's freeware)
>but I couldn't figure out how to edit/change the info in the application
Les, could you give Larry editing capability on the app database?  I think
we can trust him :-).

Doug Loss