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[seul-edu] 30 members and counting

The online list is at http://seuldat.seul.org/membership.php

I suggest you check it for descriptions.

SchoolForge Members
                 A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation (Dr. Richard S. Wallace)
                 AICA: Associazione Italian per l'Informatica ed i Calcolo
Automatco (Paolo Pumilia)
                 Belize Linux User Group (Jan Wilson)
                 BlueEDU Linux (Matt Jezorek)
                 Debian Jr. (Ben Armstrong)
                 Free Curriculum Computing Project (jtnelsen)
                 General Education Online (Michael Viron)
                 InnerPeace Volunteers (Jerry)
                 International Technology Project (jtnelsen)
                 K-12OS (Paul Nelson and Michael Williams)
                 KDE Edutainment Project (Contact)
                 Libre Software (Raphael Calvelli)
                 Linux for Kids (Chris Ellec)
                 Linux for Schools Project (Phil Jones)
                 Linux i Skolen (Knut Yrvin)
                 Linux in Education (Marilyn Hagle)
                 Linux in Schools (Steve Leonard-Clarke)
                 Linux Users' Group (Singapore) (Harish Pillay)
                 LinuxHelpers (Bill Ries-Knight)
                 Matterial (Jason Mellen)
                 MimerDesk (Teemu Arina)
                 Open Book Project (Jeffrey Elkner)
                 Open Learning Community (Michael Hall)
                 Open Source Schools (David Bucknell)
                 OSEF (Harry McGregor)
                 PLUG (Prairie Linux User Group) (Jason Loughead)
                 Red Hat's Open Source Now (BMan)
                 Schoolmation (Myles O'Meara and Tom Annis)
                 SEUL/edu (Doug Loss)
                 Shadow Net Workspace (Jim Laffey, Dale Musser)