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Re: [seul-edu] 30 members and counting

My organization Linux In The Classroom is not listed. Please add.

Jeff Knox

On Mon, 2002-01-07 at 05:33, David Bucknell wrote:
> The online list is at http://seuldat.seul.org/membership.php
> I suggest you check it for descriptions.
> SchoolForge Members
>                  A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation (Dr. Richard S. Wallace)
>                  AICA: Associazione Italian per l'Informatica ed i Calcolo
> Automatco (Paolo Pumilia)
>                  Belize Linux User Group (Jan Wilson)
>                  BlueEDU Linux (Matt Jezorek)
>                  Debian Jr. (Ben Armstrong)
>                  Free Curriculum Computing Project (jtnelsen)
>                  General Education Online (Michael Viron)
>                  InnerPeace Volunteers (Jerry)
>                  International Technology Project (jtnelsen)
>                  K-12OS (Paul Nelson and Michael Williams)
>                  KDE Edutainment Project (Contact)
>                  Libre Software (Raphael Calvelli)
>                  Linux for Kids (Chris Ellec)
>                  Linux for Schools Project (Phil Jones)
>                  Linux i Skolen (Knut Yrvin)
>                  Linux in Education (Marilyn Hagle)
>                  Linux in Schools (Steve Leonard-Clarke)
>                  Linux Users' Group (Singapore) (Harish Pillay)
>                  LinuxHelpers (Bill Ries-Knight)
>                  Matterial (Jason Mellen)
>                  MimerDesk (Teemu Arina)
>                  Open Book Project (Jeffrey Elkner)
>                  Open Learning Community (Michael Hall)
>                  Open Source Schools (David Bucknell)
>                  OSEF (Harry McGregor)
>                  PLUG (Prairie Linux User Group) (Jason Loughead)
>                  Red Hat's Open Source Now (BMan)
>                  Schoolmation (Myles O'Meara and Tom Annis)
>                  SEUL/edu (Doug Loss)
>                  Shadow Net Workspace (Jim Laffey, Dale Musser)
> David