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[seul-edu] OSEF and SchoolForge

Last night I recived official board approval from the OSEF board of
directors for member status in the SchoolForge project.

Contacts are:
	Scott Corey (scorey@osef.org) (voting member for school forge,
president of the OSEF board of directors)
	Harry McGregor <hmcgregor@osef.org) (Non voting member of school
forge, CEO of OSEF, member of the board of directors)

	OSEF contact should be listed as schoolforge@osef.org, with a
phone contact of Harry McGregor (520) 661-7875.

	The one condition requested by the board is that SchoolForge NOT
be Linux specific, and to try and keep Linux specific language out of the
founding papers, and press releases, expect when refering to Linux specifc
member organizations.


Harry McGregor, CEO, Co-Founder
Hmcgregor@osef.org, (520) 661-7875 (CELL)
Open Source Education Foundation, http://www.osef.org