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Re: [seul-edu] Beta 2 Press Release Draft --NO MORE CORRECTIONS TO LAST DRAFT

From Doug Loss, Sun Jan 06, at 19:25:
 .I realize that too.  If you could, ask any European project leaders you know
 .to look at what we're doing and to join up!  I'd like to have as many groups
 .as possible join, from everywhere in the world.
AICA <www.aicanet.it> Opensource work group <www.linfe.it> would join
Schoolforge.  At the moment, the contact person is me.
I have found a few persons who, in their spare time, can help with
english/italian translations (Giovanni Franza/Marina Cabrini and Giovanni
Licata).  Maria Grazia Hall will be of help too. 
Anybody who's interested to join us will be welcome. 

Unfortunately, anybody of the people mentioned above can assiduously follow 
this list; a reference to people tha can be contacted by private mail, to clear 
up technical questions could be useful. 
First things are: 
- can one send me the final draft of the introduction, when it will be ready, 
  in order to make the italian translation?
- What are the conditions and duties required to be part of the SchoolForge 
  I guess some familiarity with school and education issues should be a
  wanted qualification. In this regard, I would like to remark that AICA has been 
  involved for decades in maths and logic education in high schools. 
Best Wishes SchoolForge!
 Paolo Pumilia
 email: pumilia@acm.org
 cell. 328.33.79.837