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Re: [seul-edu] Beta 2 Press Release Draft --NO MORE CORRECTIONS TO LAST DRAFT

>From: Nicolas Pettiaux <nicolas.pettiaux@openbe.org>

>I would suggest, as it is mentioned in the schoolforge.net site, to mention 
>osfet also. 
I hesitate to mention OFSET in the initial announcement because while
Hilaire has said he thinks Schoolforge is a very good idea, he hasn't said
that OFSET wants to be an official member group yet.

>It is lacking references to European implementation. I introduced one in 
>Belgium, but I know many in France and Germany that have not yet been 
>introduced in your DB.
I realize that too.  If you could, ask any European project leaders you know
to look at what we're doing and to join up!  I'd like to have as many groups
as possible join, from everywhere in the world.

>> Monday noon, P.S.T. would work for me. Translators, how long do you need?
Monday noon PST is UT (GMT) 2000 Monday.

>I would need 1 day to transate to French.
I would say then that when you finish the French and Dutch translations you
immediately release them to your European contacts as well as posting them
to the mailing list for others to use, OK?

Doug Loss