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Re: [seul-edu] Beta 2 Press Release Draft --NO MORE CORRECTIONS TO LAST DRAFT

>From: Paolo Pumilia <xpol@interfree.it>

>- can one send me the final draft of the introduction, when it will be ready, 
>  in order to make the italian translation?

I just posted it.  Is that adequate?

>- What are the conditions and duties required to be part of the SchoolForge 
>  project?

To join, a group has to announce that it is a member and designate a contact
person from its organization.  The qualifications and duties are listed in
the operating procedures page that I sent to the mailing list in this
messaage: <http://archives.seul.org/seul/edu/Jan-2002/msg00026.htmlFelipe, could you put this on the Schoolforge website in some appropriate
place?  Thanks.

>  I guess some familiarity with school and education issues should be a
>  wanted qualification. In this regard, I would like to remark that AICA has been 
>  involved for decades in maths and logic education in high schools. 
There's no question that your group qualifies, Paolo.

Doug Loss