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Re: [seul-edu] FW: One more last minute question]

> I truly doubt we'll have problems with slashdot (hmm, famous last words?),
> but thanks for the offer. Mirroring requires apache + PHP4 (with mysql and
> xml options compiled in) + MySQL. If you want to be ready, that's what's
> needed. But seriously, I don't think we'll need it.

My machine is ready and meets these specs because it is the same thing we use
on the Blue Linux (http://www.bluelinux.org) site.

> This box has been linked from /.'s main page before, and passed flawlessly 
> a peak load below 1.0 (I think it was 0.7)

If its the time schoolforge was linked by /. you really had to dig for that
link but thats not the issue, while your server may handle the processer load,
what you need to worry about is the bandwidth for incoming traffic. While it may
be fine on T1, and DSL or Cable if the network load is heavy then dial up users
(alot of /. users) are slow they will leave or look for mirrors. Now as we all
know if the nic is the bottleneck then the processer load does not matter, but
not to argue or cause a stink, just want to be prepared. If needed I can mirror
without any hitches. Just let me know.

Matt Jezorek <matt@bluelinux.org>
Blue Linux <http://bluelinux.org/>
Lead Developer / Project Admin / Founder
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