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[seul-edu] Some nitty with a bit of gritty....

Kudos to all involved in the roll-out of Schoolforge - As a middle 
school teacher it speaks to me.  Great Job.

While I am particularly enamored of the idea of creating on-line 
texts, my current questiona are a bit more mundane:

1) Do Perl and JavaScripts properly belong under the SchoolForge
banner as open-source (dare I say it) software?

2) If the answer to 1) is yes, how do we establish, become aware of
or in some way determine a repository?  Should they be peer edited
and classified? Should there be standard formats for submission?

I ask these questions because I am generating scripts on an ongoing
basis to supplement my lessons and  lesosn plans - and I also try to link
to appropriate interactive sites.

Eventually, I would liek to start compiling 'pages' which are 
subject/topic specific and compile a type of on-line text.

I would envision some sort of generic page format and a way to 
classify various lessons as to level, dificulty etc.

Those of you who are ahead of me let me know how (and where) 
to catch up.

Thank you

Jeff LeMieux