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Re: [seul-edu] Some nitty with a bit of gritty....

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Jeff wrote:

> While I am particularly enamored of the idea of creating on-line 
> texts, my current questiona are a bit more mundane:
> 1) Do Perl and JavaScripts properly belong under the SchoolForge
> banner as open-source (dare I say it) software?

Yes. The main question to be asked is "is it useful to anybody else ?"
If the answer is yes, the way to go would be documenting it so other 
people can understand it and use it, then place somewhere for download.
Accepting user contributions and fixes and incorporating them into the 
"official" package is nice, though not required.

> 2) If the answer to 1) is yes, how do we establish, become aware of
> or in some way determine a repository?  Should they be peer edited
> and classified? Should there be standard formats for submission

You're thinking more of a script directory rather than one set of scripts
it seems. Depending on the size of the overall script package, you could
just call it "TeacherPack" or something like that, put all of them for
download in one big package, taking care to bundle documentation with it.

> I would envision some sort of generic page format and a way to 
> classify various lessons as to level, dificulty etc.

I'd say XML could solve your problem (tags for difficulty, level, and 
whihever classification you think of, then write a script that parses the 
XML file (XML parsing packages are available in Perl, Python, PHP and most 
other languages) and generates the web pages or printable lessons, 
whichever you need.

[ I'm not much of XML guy, used it a couple of times only, for those who 
don't know, XML is a kind of "custom" HTML, where you make up tags upon 
demand, such as 

<lesson difficulty="piece-of-cake" agerange="5-12">
<title>Building a kite</title>
<body>Bla bla bla...</body>

and then use a XML-parsing package to use the structured information as 
you see fit: build HTMLs out of it, LaTeX source, etc. ]

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