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Re: [seul-edu] Curricula

Bill wrote:

> On Friday 11 January 2002 08:14, you wrote:
> > Bill wrote:
> > On this page <http://eduwiki.seul.org:8080/wiki/edu/Lesson_Plans>
> > we listed a bunch of sites that have lesson plans for various
> > subjects.
> >
> One page linked to by your link is
> http://www.teachers.net/lessons/posts/2233.html
> This lesson plan could be adapted by changing the url given in the
> lesson away from msn.com (not reliably available to open source
> browsers) to google.com.
> This is the sort of info I am looking for.

Bill, as you find and use such things, could you keep in mind if any of
them would fall under the "open resources" umbrella that Schoolforge
uses?  If so, could you contact them and tell them about Schoolforge and
invite them to join us?  Thanks!

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