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Re: [seul-edu] XML [was: Some nitty with a bit of gritty..].

Les Richardson wrote:

> XML is just syntax...a method of writing and verifying documents. However
> you have to create your own lexicon of meaningful tags. Meaningful tag
> sets already exist in the Docbook and TEI markup languages. Of course you
> could use a subset of these tagsets (which also exist). You can also use
> the Pizza Chef which will develop a DTD (ie loosely "tag set") for you.
> > [ I'm not much of XML guy, used it a couple of times only, for those who
> > don't know, XML is a kind of "custom" HTML, where you make up tags upon
> > demand, such as
> >
> > <lesson difficulty="piece-of-cake" agerange="5-12">
> > <title>Building a kite</title>
> > <body>Bla bla bla...</body>
> > </lesson>
> >

I should mention again Bruno Vernier's work on EduML, an XML DTD designed for
educational use.  You can see it at

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