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Re: [seul-edu] XML [was: Some nitty with a bit of gritty..].


On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Doug Loss wrote:

> Les Richardson wrote:
> > XML is just syntax...a method of writing and verifying documents. However
> > you have to create your own lexicon of meaningful tags. Meaningful tag
> > sets already exist in the Docbook and TEI markup languages. Of course you
> > could use a subset of these tagsets (which also exist). You can also use
> > the Pizza Chef which will develop a DTD (ie loosely "tag set") for you.
> >
> I should mention again Bruno Vernier's work on EduML, an XML DTD designed for
> educational use.  You can see it at
> <http://robertscap.bc.ca/ess/bruno/eduml/FrontPage>

As I mentioned, XML is just syntax. (a new "tagset")  The real key is that
the transformation tools exist to make this syntax useful. This means that
transformation into html, pdf, postscript is possible and validation that
the text follows the DTD can be done also.

Lacking these transformation and rendering tools, any DTD tagset is much
less useful. 

The Eduml tagset seems to be targetted at defining educational "objects"
that can then be exchanged(?). I'm not sure that any XSLT stylesheets
exist for this or Jade stylesheets. It would be interesting to see if
these exist...

Les Richardson